Choosing may be the greatest power and privilege that we have as humans. The power of choice separates us from the angels and animals. We are faced with multiplied thousands of choices during the course of our life. We are faced with easy choices, silly choices, meaningless choices, and life altering choices. We must choose to choose.

iChoose To Stand – Steve Ely – 11.30.08

iChoose to Stand-Cardboard Sermons – Passion Congregation – 11.23.08

iChoose to Share – Steve Ely – 11.16.08

iChoose to Submit – Steve Ely – 11.09.08

iChoose to Forgive – Steve Ely – 11.02.08

3301 N. Council | Bethany, OK
pasion iglesia 3:00pm

wednesday 7pm | The Element [teens|college]
jueves 7pm


405.210.7754 (Main)
405.239.4422 (Element)


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