• No one pays that much attention to the wrapping. It’s what is inside that counts . . . right? Maybe this Christmas we should stop and consider how the gift was wrapped.
  • It was established first, even before the church! In other words “Family Matters” to God. Does it matter to you?
  • Just because we don't like the truth, can't handle the truth or it doesn't line up with our experience/feelings doesn't make it any less truth. Can you handle truth bombs?
  • God seems to love the “Quiet Game” and seems to be the world's most skilled player. How can you hear Him when He seems to be so quiet?

  • 9 Year Anniversary Service
  • Some tolerate it. Others avoid it. Many attend it. However, do we love it? Can you say, “I love my church”?
  • Jesus says we will all face “land mines” exploding in creation, culture, and the church in this generation. How can we “survive” the land mines of life?
  • We talk, sing, and pray using the language of the Kingdom . . . words like Lord, King, and sovereign. However, citizenship in a democracy keeps us from understanding the throne.

  • A distinguishable sound. Familiar but profound. A messenger. Listen carefully. They know us and have a word for us. They are VOICES.
  • Every Day. Routine. Take it or leave it. A dime a dozen. Do we treat the rare like the regular? Do we mistake the extraordinary for the ordinary? Do we overlook the incredible for the common?
  • Hometown. Comfortable confines. Known streets. Familiar sights. Our people. Our mission field? Our challenge? Our assignment?
  • We claim freedom, however we often fail to put on the “fabric” of freedom. Easter is the story of the garment change we should experience through Christ.

  • You have been told you should have hope . . . why? Your trial, heartache & pain make you the exception, don’t they? They would, but you are coated!
  • The enemy attacks our heart in an attempt to drive us into a place of hopelessness. We must find hope again!
  • A closer look at what we believe!
  • There will only be praise and worship posted during this series due to copyright laws. We are viewing Robert Morris' incredible teaching on being obedient in giving.
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3301 N. Council | Bethany, OK
pasion iglesia 3:00pm

wednesday 7:00pm
The Element [teens|college]
jueves 7:00pm


405.210.7754 (Main)
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