Beneath the surface. Overlooked but powerful and essential. Unseen but they can split concrete and destroy roads. Essential to sustain life. They produce all of the seen life and fruit. What is beneath the surface is directly responsible for what you see above the ground! We brag about fruit, but no roots equals no fruits.

Presence and Preaching – Steve Ely – 01.25.09

Prayer and Pentecost – Steve Ely – 01.18.09

People and Place – Steve Ely – 01.11.09

Praise and Purpose – Steve Ely – 01.04.09

3301 N. Council | Bethany, OK
pasion iglesia 3:00pm

wednesday 7pm | The Element [teens|college]
jueves 7pm


405.210.7754 (Main)
405.239.4422 (Element)

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